Tithes and Offerings Page

If you have found this page by mistake, please read the comments on the About Us Page, for this will help you better understand the nature of our ministry.

Also, you will be asked for optional shipping information. Please fill this in, as we need to know to which address we should send your receipt.

If you have a specific area where you want the funds appropriated, then simply specify this in the comments box on the next page of the form.

This button takes you to a PayPal site, where you can pay your tithe to Smyrna with a credit card or with a PayPal account. Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal, for you can use your credit card at PayPal.

This button takes you to a PayPal site, where you can donate funds to cover the ongoing expenses at Smyrna.  You can specify which area of the work you would like the money to be applied towards.  You can specify what area you feel God is impressing you in the comments box before the transaction is completed.
Some possible places are publishing, witnessing in different parts of the world, general expenses, piano tuning, maintenance, etc.

This button is similar to the above two, but you can send a single amount, and then tell us the breakdown of how it is to be applied in the comments box on the second screen.

Tithe                 $xx.xx
    xxxxxxxxx     $xx.xx
    xxxxxxxxx     $xx.xx
    xxxxxxxxx     $xx.xx 

Total                 $xx.xx


Thank you for your support to this ministry.