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Selected quotes from Sabbath School

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Especially have I been shown that those who profess present truth should have a special care to appear before God upon the Sabbath in a manner which would show that we respect the Creator who has sanctified and placed special honors upon that day. All who have any regard for the Sabbath should be cleanly in person, neat and orderly in dress; for they are to appear before the jealous God, who is offended at uncleanliness and disorder, and who marks every token of disrespect. (Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church, vol. 1, p. 275)


The Sabbath is to be remembered and kept holy because that God hallowed it, i.e., appointed it to a holy use, at the close of the first week. And this sanctification or hallowing of the rest-day, when the first seventh day of time was past, was the solemn act of setting apart the seventh day for time to come in memory of the Creator's rest. Thus the fourth commandment reaches back and embraces the institution of the Sabbath in paradise, while the Sanctification of the Sabbath in paradise extends forward to all coming time. (J. N. Andrews, History of the Sabbath and the First Day of the Week, pp. 46, 47)

J. N. Andrews


Sabbath, March 18, 2017

Greetings to all, and may this new week be filled spiritual growth and fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Sabbath was truly a joy and a delight. For the adult Sabbath School class, Brother Michael Woodward shared a devotional, which was followed by their continued study in the book of Isaiah, led by Brother Allen Uhl. The Internet and phone Sabbath School class began with prayer, song service, and then a science demonstration by Pastor Allen Stump about light energy which usually comes from a heat-producing source. Interestingly in the Old Testament, a word translated anger literally means hot nose! In the spiritual realm, when our noses get hot and we express anger, we lose our ability to let our light shine properly to others. We need to be like the firefly whose light shines without any anger nor heat. The class then considered a few points in the life of John Nevins Andrews. Elder Andrews died in Switzerland at a young age (54) from tuberculosis, probably contracted from his daughter Mary, who also died from tuberculosis. Here is his touching testimony to Ellen White, written a month before his death in 1883:

“I have given up the control of everything to Brother Whitney. I try still to read the proof sheets of our French paper, but I have no longer the power to prepare any articles for it. I am a mere skeleton and have not attempted to put on my clothes for many weeks. However, I can say that my feet are on the Rock of Ages and that the Lord holds me by my right hand.” (As quoted by Norma Collins, Heartwarming Stories of Adventist Pioneers, vol. 1, p. 165)

Elder Andrews was our pioneer with the brightest mind and, as Ellen White wrote to the brethren in Switzerland, our “ablest man” (5MR 436.3). With no formal education after age 11, he taught himself Greek, Hebrew, French, German, and Italian and wrote many articles for our papers, as well as a number of books. The class continued their study in Andrews’s book, History of the Sabbath, chapter 4. They also considered another segment in the instructions we have been given about how to observe the Sabbath, this time about being neat, clean, and orderly in dress when we come to worship God, based on Exodus 19:10.

All who have any regard for the Sabbath should be cleanly in person, neat and orderly in dress; for they are to appear before the jealous God, who is offended at uncleanliness and disorder, and who marks every token of disrespect. (Ellen White, Testimonies for the Church, vol. 1, p. 275)

We will study chapter 5, “The Sabbath Written by the Finger of God,” next Sabbath, and we invite you to join us in person or by phone conference or Internet classroom (links on homepage), if you are not already worshipping God in truth at another place, and if you are, please consider reading the chapters of study and completing the quizzes James White wrote for each chapter. (Quizzes are below.)

Quizzes for The History of the Sabbath:

Chapter 1 The_Creation Chapter 2 The Institution of the Sabbath
Chapter 3 The Sabbath Committed to the Hebrews Chapter 4 The Fourth Commandment

Our Worship Service began with prayer and a hymn of praise. After prayer requests were shared, Brother Michael Woodward led the congregation in prayer. Pastor Allen Stump then presented the message of the hour, entitled “The Sufferings of God.” You may listen to this tribute to God and about the suffering we should expect to experience here, and you may read the sermon notes here.

Memory Verse for the Week

Six days may work be done; but in the seventh is the sabbath of rest, holy to the LORD: whosoever doeth any work in the sabbath day, he shall surely be put to death. Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the sabbath, to observe the sabbath throughout their generations, for a perpetual covenant. (Exodus 31:15, 16)

News Items: Our current Internet classroom provider is discontinuing its service, and we have obtained a new classroom provider. You will need to use the following url to join the classroom:

Also, Pastor Allen has been focusing on uploading recent sermons to our Youtube site. New sermons have been posted, and more are to come! We invite you to visit the site at:


Short Review Quizzes for The Desire of Ages:

DA 01 God With Us DA 02 The Chosen People
DA 03 The Fulness of the Time DA 04 Unto You a Saviour
DA 05 The Dedication DA 06 We Have Seen His Star
DA 07 As a Child DA 08 The Passover Visit
DA 09 Days of Conflict DA 10 The Voice in the Wilderness
DA 11 The Baptism DA 12 The Temptation
DA 13 The Victory DA 14 We Have Found the Messiah
DA 15 At the Marriage Feast DA 16 In His Temple
DA 17 Nicodemus DA 18 He Must Increase
DA 19 At Jacob's Well DA 20 Except Ye See Signs and Wonders
DA 21 Bethesda and the Sanhedrin DA 22 Imprisonment and Death of John
DA 23 The Kingdome of God Is at Hand DA 24 Is Not This the Carpenter's Son?
DA 25 The Call by the Sea DA 26 At Capernaum
DA 27 Thou Cant Make Me Clean DA 28 Levi-Matthew
DA 29 The Sabbath DA 30 He Ordained Twelve
DA 31 The Sermon on the Mount DA 32 The Cenutrion
DA 33 Who Are My Brethren DA 34 The Invitation
DA 35 Peace Be Still DA 36 The Touch of Faith
DA 37 The First Evangelists DA 38 Come Rest Awhile
DA 39 Give Ye Them to Eat DA 40 A Night on the Lake
DA 41 The Crisis in Galilee DA 42 Tradition
DA 43 Barriers Broken Down DA 44 The True Sign
DA 45 The Foreshadowing of the Cross DA 46 He Was Transfigured.pdf
DA 47 Ministry.pdf DA 48 Who is the Greatest.pdf
DA 49 At the Feast of Tabernacles.pdf DA 50 Among Snares.pdf
DA 51 The Light of Life.pdf DA 52 The Divine Shepherd.pdf
DA 53 The Last Journey From Galilee.pdf DA 54 The Good Samaritan.pdf
DA 55 Now With Outward Show.pdf DA 56 Blessing the Children.pdf
DA 57 One Thing Thou Lackest.pdf DA 58 Lazrus Come Forth.pdf
DA 59 Priestly Plottings.pdf DA 60 The Law of the New Kingdom.pdf

We invite you to join our online and telephone conference services each week—Sabbath Song Service at 9:15 EDT Sabbath morning, Youth Sabbath School at 9:35 EDT Sabbath morning, Worship Service at 11:00 EDT Sabbath morning, Story Hour at 7:00 p.m. EDT Monday, and Prayer Meeting at 7:00 p.m. EDT Wednesday. You can access the services listed above by using the following link:, or you may call 218–486–1616 and enter conference room number 755896 when prompted.

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