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Pictures from Sabbath School

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Elder James White


J. N. Andrews
(Photo courtesy of EGW Estate)


Sabbath, February 11, 2017

Coming apart from the secular work of the previous six days, we worshipped and studied together on the blessed Sabbath day, and we are thankful for each one who joined us to worship and study.

Sabbath School began with prayer and song service. The online Sabbath School class continued their study of the Sabbath, using J. N. Andrews book, History of the Sabbath, and James White’s “Lessons for Bible Students,” based on this book. Pastor Stump shared a science demonstration on electrolytes and added spiritual applications. A Spirit of Prophecy nugget was shared about how our own idle words influence our character, taken from The Desire of Ages, page 323. If you are not part of a local Sabbath School, we invite you to join our Internet classroom or to join by the phone conference. Links for both are found below.

The Worship Hour began with prayer and a hymn of praise. Congregational prayer was then offered by Brother Michael Woodward after prayer requests had been shared. A story was shared about how Elder Roy Cottrell, grandson of Elder Roswell Cottrell, met his wife at prayer meeting and about the importance of attending prayer meeting. We encourage you to set aside time each week to participate in prayer meeting. Pastor Allen Stump shared the message of the hour, entitled “The Un-Entitled Church,” which explained the cross Jesus commands each one of us to carry. You may view the sermon notes The Un-Entitled Church here, and the sermon itself will be uploaded soon to the Smyrna Youtube channel.

May you have a blessed new week, and please keep up with your Bible and Spirit of Prophecy readings!

Memory verses for the week:

And on the seventh day God finished his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and hallowed it; because that in it he rested from all his work which God had created and made. (Genesis 2:2, 3)

Short Review Quizzes for Prophets and Kings:

PK Introduction PK 1 Solomon
PK 2 The Temple and Its Dedication PK 3 Pride of Prosperity
PK 4 Results of Transgression PK 5 Solomon's Repentance
PK 6 The Rending of the Kingdom PK 7 Jeroboam
PK 8 National Apostasy PK 9 Elijah the Tishbite
PK 10 The Voice of Stern Rebuke PK 11 Carmel
PK 12 From Jezreel to Horeb PK 13 What Doest Thou Here Elijah
PK 14 In the Spirit and Power of Elijah PK 15 Jehoshaphat
PK 16 The Fall of the House of Ahab PK 17 The Call of Elisha
PK 18 The Healing of the Waters PK 19 A Prophet of Peace
PK 20 Naaman PK 21 Elishas Closing Ministry
PK 22 Nineveh That Great City PK 23 The Assyrian Captivity
PK 24 Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge PK 25 The Call of Isaiah
PK 26 Behold Your God PK 27 Ahaz
PK 28 Hezekiah PK 29 The Ambassadors From Babylon
PK 30 Deliverance From Assyria PK 31 Hope for the Heathen
PK 32 Manasseh and Josiah PK 33 The Book of the Law
PK 34 Jeremiah PK 35 Approaching Doom
PK 36 The Last King of Judah PK 37 Carried Captive Into Babylon
PK 38 Light Through Darkness PK 39 In the Court of Babylon
PK 40 Nebuchadnezzars Dream PK 41 The Fiery Furnace
PK 42 True Greatness PK 43 The Unseen Watcher
PK 44 In The Lions Den PK 45 The Return of the Exiles
PK 46 The Prophets of God Helping Them PK 47 Joshua and the Angel
PK 48 Not by Might nor by Power PK 49 In the Days of Queen Esther
PK 50 Ezra the Priest and Scribe PK 51 A Spiritual Revival
Pk 52 A Man of Opportunity PK 53 The Builders on the Wall
PK 54 A Rebuke Against Extortion PK 55 Heathen Plots
PK 56 Instructed in the Law of God PK 57 Reformation
PK 58 The Coming of a Deliever PK 59 The House of Israel
PK 60 Visions of Future Glory Studies finished on Prophets and Kings

Short Review Quizzes for The Desire of Ages:

DA 01 God With Us DA 02 The Chosen People
DA 03 The Fulness of the Time DA 04 Unto You a Saviour
DA 05 The Dedication DA 06 We Have Seen His Star
DA 07 As a Child DA 08 The Passover Visit
DA 09 Days of Conflict DA 10 The Voice in the Wilderness
DA 11 The Baptism DA 12 The Temptation
DA 13 The Victory DA 14 We Have Found the Messiah
DA 15 At the Marriage Feast DA 16 In His Temple
DA 17 Nicodemus DA 18 He Must Increase
DA 19 At Jacob's Well DA 20 Except Ye See Signs and Wonders
DA 21 Bethesda and the Sanhedrin DA 22 Imprisonment and Death of John
DA 23 The Kingdome of God Is at Hand DA 24 Is Not This the Carpenter's Son?
DA 25 The Call by the Sea DA 26 At Capernaum
DA 27 Thou Cant Make Me Clean DA 28 Levi-Matthew
DA 29 The Sabbath DA 30 He Ordained Twelve
DA 31 The Sermon on the Mount DA 32 The Cenutrion
DA 33 Who Are My Brethren DA 34 The Invitation
DA 35 Peace Be Still DA 36 The Touch of Faith
DA 37 The First Evangelists DA 38 Come Rest Awhile
DA 39 Give Ye Them to Eat DA 40 A Night on the Lake
DA 41 The Crisis in Galilee DA 42 Tradition
DA 43 Barriers Broken Down DA 44 The True Sign
DA 45 The Foreshadowing of the Cross  

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