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Old Paths, a newsletter of bible studies and inspirational readings, also containing articles about the trinity, a non-trinitarian


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Selected pictures from Camp Meeting

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Choir singing


Youth doing a health screening, supervised
by the “mature” helpers



Brother Lynnford Beachy sharing


Zachariah Beachy, with Elvis Alberto and
Jean-Christophe Bolotte


Just before the baptism



Sabbath, May 20, 2017

Our Sabbath was a day of rejoicing and praise. Even though there were troubles on the road for some, God sent help just in the time of need, and all were able to continue on to Sabbath School and the church services. We are also very thankful for our large virtual church family that joins us each Sabbath. May your week be one of rejoicing and praise, also.

Sabbath School focused on another health nugget from the eight laws of health (diet, which will be continued next Sabbath) and on a new series of lessons based on the fundamental principles of Seventh-day Adventists as published in 1872. We addressed the historical background, with reference to the 1931 fundamental principles. We will be continuing this study into the future and will study each fundamental, as well as compare/contrast each with the revision in 1931 and with the current 2015 statement of beliefs, and we invite you to join us, if you are not already studying with a group of like-minded believers. Brother Michael Brown shared special music on the recorder, playing “Rock of Ages,” and we also heard an inspiriting story of early colporteuring in the hills and mountains of Kentucky.

The Worship Hour began with prayer and a congregational hymn, followed by the congregational prayer, led by Brother Michael Woodward, after prayer requests had been shared. We hope that many of you will continue to remember these requests during the new week. Then Pastor Allen Stump presented the message of the hour, entitled, “Giving the Trumpet a Certain Sound.” We invite you to review the slides for this important message by downloading them from our website or to listen to it at our youtube channel, as it will be posted soon.

Camp Meeting

It seemed that no sooner had camp meeting begun than it ended! Time went by very quickly. The days were filled with helpful messages and pleasant fellowship, two health expo’s, baptisms, beautiful music, and personal testimonies. We are thankful for each one who attended and for those who shared. We only wish more could have joined us. All the messages that were recorded (some glitches occurred) will soon be available on the Internet and DVD.

Short Review Quizzes for The Acts of the Apostles:

AA 01 Gods Purpose for His Church AA 02 The Training of the Twelve
AA 03 The Great Commission AA 04 Pentecost
AA 05 The Gift of the Spirit AA 06 At the Temple Gate
AA 07 A Warning Against Hypocrisy AA 08 Before the Sanhedrin
AA 09 The Seven Deacons AA 10 The First Christian Martyr

We invite you to join our online and telephone conference services each week—Sabbath Song Service at 9:15 EDT Sabbath morning, Youth Sabbath School at 9:35 EDT Sabbath morning, Worship Service at 11:00 EDT Sabbath morning, Story Hour at 7:00 p.m. EDT Monday, and Prayer Meeting at 7:00 p.m. EDT Wednesday. You can access the services listed above by using the following link:, or you may call 218–486–1616 and enter conference room number 755896 when prompted.

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