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Pictures from the Youth Sabbath School

Smyrna News

The Youth Sabbath School nature lesson was on snowflakes.
(Photo courtesy of Kenneth G. Libbrecht)


Snowflakes come in different shapes.
(Photo courtesy of Kenneth G. Libbrecht)


All snowflakes begin with a dust particle at the center.
(Photo courtesy of Kenneth G. Libbrecht)

Sabbath, January 4, 2014

As we gathered for our first Sabbath of the year, we look forward to the coming of Jesus Christ with a greater earnestness than when we first believed. Tis so sweet to meet with brothers and sisters on Sabbath morning, and if you are at home and not meeting elsewhere, you may want to join us for song service at 9:15 am EST. Following song service, we separated into adult and youth Sabbath Schools, and the youth Sabbath School is broadcast by telephone conferencing and also through an Internet classroom at 9:40 am EST. You may join us by using the links listed below.

Sabbath School began with prayer by Brother Michael Brown and then Sister Onycha Holt led out in the song service. Pastor Stump shared a short devotion from the book The Sanctified Life. After sharing time, Sister Ann Ford began a series of studies on the sanctuary.

The youth participated in a science demonstration that used potatoes and straws, with the potatoes representing Satan's devices and snares and with straight straws representing the truth of God's word. In the demonstration we learned that the straight straws can penetrate the potatoes, representing how truth penetrates Satan's devices, but bent straws, representing partial truth, cannot. You may see a video of the demonstration below:

For a nature illustration, the youth considered beautiful snowflakes and were encouraged to become snowflake watchers (similar to bird watchers), using an inexpensive magnifying lens. The Sabbath School lesson focused on Saul and the witch of Endor, and lessons of this sad experience with spiritualism were applied to our lives today. You may view the slides of these presentations here.

At prayer meeting this week, our first prayer meeting of the year, we talked about the chance we have to begin anew. We discussed the mercy and long forbearing of God in pleading with the sinner and how no matter what our past, God can help us to have a better, a richer, and more abundant life. We closed by noting that the only thing better than the first prayer meeting of the year would be the first Sabbath of the year. While many are predicting good things for the coming year, the Bible speaks of a time of trouble that the world will soon experience and that was the theme of the worship hour.

Pastor Stump noted that pilot boats have a saying, smooth sailing. This means it will be easy sailing because the waters are not rough. Pastor Stump then told the story of a man who, with some others, was canoeing down what seemed like the most peaceful river in the world. But little by little things changed. The current seemed to pick up speed, just a little. Then the current noticeably picked up speed. Then they began to think that they heard a small, muffled sound. Then they were sure they heard a sound, and suddenly the river narrowed down and the current quickly picked up. Now the muffled sound became a roar and except for quick action, they would have all been swept over a waterfall!

That is a microcosm of what it is now and soon will be like for all who will live godly in Christ Jesus. It may seem smooth now but difficult times of great trouble are soon to come upon the world and God's people. You may download the slides for this Sabbath's presentation here and you may listen to the sermon here.

Thank you for listening to our services, for we are blessed to have you join us, and may the new week be filled with God’s presence.

We invite you to join our online and telephone conference services each week--Sabbath Song Service at 9:15 am EST Sabbath morning, Youth Sabbath School at 9:40 a.m. EST Sabbath morning, Worship Service at 11:00 a.m. EST Sabbath Morning, Story Hour at 7:00 p.m. EST Monday, and Prayer Meeting at 7:00 p.m. EST Wednesday. You can access the services listed above by using the following link: or you may call 619-326-2730 and enter conference room #755896 when prompted.

May God richly bless you until we meet again.

For helpful videos, remember to check out our YouTube channel:

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