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Pictures from Grand Canyon National Park

Smyrna News


Pastor Allen and his daughter, Heidi, with the north rim of
the Grand Canyon behind them


Looking down at the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch area

The appropriately-named “Devil's Corkscrew,” part of the
Bright Angel trail



Sabbath, May 10, 2014

This Sabbath reunited many of us, as several had been traveling. Last Sabbath Pastor Stump was in Mesa area, where he conducted five meetings on Sabbath. (Glad he could come back from vacation so he could rest!) While in Arizona, he hiked the Grand Canyon with his daughter, Heidi, and so we have a few nice pictures of this geological wonder of the flood for you.

Sister Onycha Holt is back after her well-deserved time off to visit with family. The youth Sabbath school was on Elijah and Elisha and preparation for translation. You may see all the slides for this class here.

Pastor Stump's sermon was entitled “Are the Feasts an Option?” With some of the recent interest in the feast days, this topic certainly needs addressing. In his message, Pastor Stump lays out a clear presentation on this vital subject. To hear an audio version of this message click here. The slides are available here. You may view this presentation below:

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May God richly bless you until we meet again.

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