Table of Contents

Title Page


1. A Deep Laid Foundation

2. The Incarnation:
The Pioneer Understanding

3. The Incarnation:
A Scriptural Basis

4. The History of the Sanctuary Message

5. Ellen G. White
and the Atonement

6. The Day of Atonement

7. The S. D. A. Church and the Atonement.

8. The Paradox of “Historic Adventism”

9. Ellen G. White and the Doctrine of God

10. The Spirit of Prophecy and Editorial Work

11. The Bible Doctrine of God

12. Jesus Christ the Son of God

13. Jesus Christ the Divine Object of Faith

14. The Distinctiveness of
the Father and His Son

15. The Death of the Cross

16. The Holy Spirit of God

17. Jesus - Another Comforter

18. Receiving the Spirit of Christ

19. “After The Way
Which They Call Heresy”

20. What does it Mean to be “Orthodox”?

21. The Omega
of Apostasy