No teaching of Scripture is more important that the doctrine of God for upon it all other doctrines are built. Only a correct understanding of God and His character will enable us to fully understand the gospel and its power to save sinful man from the power, the penalty, and the presence of sin. In this book, Pastor David Clayton has assembled an outstanding representative set of Bible texts that deal with the doctrine of God. (They are excellent for use in Bible marking.) Pastor Clayton then documents that the teachings of Ellen White and the Adventist pioneers match the same concepts as found in the Scriptures. The final three chapters of this book provide documentation on the doctrine of God form the corporate Seventh-day Adventist Church, some of the independent ministries and ministers, and the Roman Catholic Church.

This book has very few comments and notes. It is the belief of Pastor Clayton and the publishers of this book that the facts, can and will, clearly speak for themselves.

Allen Stump